Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Winter Blues

"The jingle bells are jingling. The streets are white with snow. The happy crowds are mingling, but there's no one that I know. I'm sure that you'll forgive me if I don't enthuse, I guess I've got the Christmas blues." ...do you guys know that song? It's one of my favorite's by Dean Martin. And yes I know Christmas is over, but what's that you're saying? "Angie, winter is over too! Spring has sprung!!" Yea? Tell that to the feet of snow I have piled up around my apartment building after the BLIZZARD we had last week! This weather shit is ridiculous. Trust me, I'm ready to get into the spring spirit & wear my cute floral clothes just as much as the next person, but it's still friggin' cold outside and I've got the winter blues because of it!

So what's a girl to do when she can't bring out her florals, but she's sure tired of her regular winter wardrobe? She get's creative with layering and adding in fun trends!

There's nothing like an oversized sweater and some boots... but, with sweaters, I always use a special trick for getting the perfect "oversized" fit. I actually buy regular fitted sweaters in sizes that are at least two sizes bigger than my usual size. The exact sizing depends on the particular cut and exact fit of the sweater. This sweater here, for example, is a medium when I'm usually an Extra-Small & I have a few sweaters that I have gone up in size in as big as an Extra-Large. I think this takes the fuss out of trying to figure out how something that's a "Loose-Fit" will fit you... let's face it... loose-fitted clothes hardly ever actually fit and we usually wind up having to go down two sizes anyway. Like with "Boyfriend-Fit" bottoms, but don't get me started on that mess. That is a WHOLEEEE other rant! 
Back to "oversized" sweaters... finding a regular fitted sweater that you know will fit you nice in your "normal" size, but buying it in a few (or several depending on the look you're going for) sizes bigger instead of buying it in said normal size will ensure that the sweater fits how that Loose-Fitted sweater was supposed to fit you, but wound up looking like grandma's muumuu.

And the boots I went with, well, there was no way I couldn't get one more use out of my white booties or what I'm calling the LWB

These booties were the 'it' trend in shoes for the winter, but they are actually perfect for this stupid weather too. It isn't warm enough to bring out your cute espadrilles, but you don't want to keep wearing the same black, brown, or grey so go with white. This is what the Fashion Gods call Winter White... that's really just how they cashed in when they realized people weren't listening to their silly rule about not being able to wear white after Labor Day... but if the shoe fits ;)

Plus these would definitely look good with your spring wardrobe. So if you saw these splashed all over Instagram all winter long, but you feel like you've missed out on your chance to rock the trend because you never bought them and spring has actually reached your part of the country (lucky bastard) don't worry. You can and should still pick up a pair if you want... I mean, you always can. Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Let the Fashion God's or your favorite Instagram Influencer's rules be damned! 

Speaking of trends, though, one I'm glad that has come back is the hoop earring. I'm not saying you have to wait for a trend in order to wear something you like, but it does open up so many options when something you love comes so into fashion. Everyone starts putting their own spin on it, and you're the one that winds up winning. Something you love turns into something that becomes more readily available & in an array of styles you never even dreamed were possible! 

Let me digress for a second. Let's take this gorgeous hybrid,
this is the Santina Hoop Earring from Bauble Bar That's right, the gorgeous geniuses over at Bauble Bar mixed together two of the greatest fashions trends into one beautiful masterpiece... the tassel hoop! Plus, right now they're on sale for only $18!!

Getting back to my Winter Blues outfit, I actually am wearing a pair of hoops with the outfit

I'm wearing this pair of Argento Vivo Hoops in Gold that I purchased from Nordstrom

I love that they're thicker and more substantial than your regular hoop earrings, but they aren't heavy so they don't hurt or weigh-down your ear or anything of the sort.

Now the one last item that I added to my outfit to make it different from any of my other run ol' the mill winter outfits was my coat. I didn't feel like bundling myself up in a coat at all, truth be told, but when that stupid overdue cold wind blew, I realized I still unfortunately couldn't force the temperature to rise by sure willpower alone. So has much as I really wished it was no coat, the one I finally gave in adding was what made all the difference. I finished the outfit by layering it with a leather bomber, but not just any leather bomber...

Sometimes your best clothes are the ones you steal from your husband.

Of course, having a giant dinosaur charm on your bag doesn't hurt either! 

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