Thursday, February 8, 2018

Star Tre..nd

Stars are the 'it' pattern in fashion this season and I'm obsessed! 
I've totally hopped aboard the star trend train, and these jeans are one of my favorite star-patterned fashion pieces.

 They're gold-beaded, star-embellished jeans by 'Almost Famous' from Target They are affordable at only $32 and they fit fantastically! Now, they are in juniors sizing, but a quick juniors-to-women's-sizing-equivalent-chart google will help you to find your correct size. For reference, I'm usually a size 24-26 depending on the brand/style and I am a size 5 in these jeans. To be honest, I was still initially worried about the fit when I ordered the jeans, but when they came in & I tried them on, I could NOT believe how well they fit me. Like every woman on the planet, I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me well. Then if they do fit well -as in through-out my waist/hips/thighs- the jeans are too long because I'm short at only 5'1". Although I will say that ever since more brands have been making different inseam options available, this has become less of a problem, but still an issue nonetheless. These are 'ankle jeans' though which for taller women means the hem stops above the ankle. For us short ladies, it means they are the perfect length and we don't have to get the hem shortened! The hem is also raw which gives these jeans just one more added detail that makes them super cute :)

These jeans really do fit so perfectly... honestly more perfect than most jeans I own. The only jeans I can say right now that fit me better are my 'Seven' jeans, but those come with a much higher price tag, and I did have to take like half of a foot off the hem :| They still do make my butt look really good though ;)

But getting back to these jeans, I bought them because of the star pattern. Stars are such a big trend right now and they are ALL over the place. Normally I don't get crazy about trends, but I don't know what it is about stars? I really am obsessed. I have bought star-patterned shirts, sweaters, pants, hats, everything. I LOVE them, and when I saw the stars on these jeans, I just had to have them too. With the low price tag and them being juniors, I really just thought these jeans would be a one-off cheap & cheerful piece of clothing for a trend. With how well they fit, though, these are now a staple for me... stars and all.

Also, the sweater I paired the jeans with is from Express It was a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law. They bought it for me because they know how much I love ruffles... another trend I love which I talked about in my last post... and I love this sweater. It's so warm and cozy; however, I would advise against wearing it if the temperature drops below zero. You see, not only does it have the cute ruffle detail that I love, it also has the cold shoulder detail which I also do love, but isn't a good choice for subzero temps EEK! If the temperature isn't in the negative, though, you'll be good :) And how cute are the bishop sleeves??  

Then to add the finishing touches, I wore this darling necklace from Simple Addiction (another great deal at only $10!!) a pair of simple gold hoops, and this lovely charm bracelet from Candles and Confetti ...I really love her jewelry!

So if you've also hopped aboard the star train, then pick up a pair of the 'Almost Famous' Star Jeans and continue to ride this trend!

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