Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Love Means...

never having to wear dull clothes.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and whether you're celebrating by staying in or going out... or not celebrating at all & just want cute outfits to look at... I've got a variety of Valentine's Day looks for you!

Speaking of 'Love'

my first outfit is inspired by one of the greatest romantic movies of all time 'Love Story'

Ali Macgraw is one of my favorite style icons, in general, but her style in this movie is a particular favorite of mine, with this monochromatic look being the standout for me. So I took a cue from her opaque red tights and turned the look up a notch!

Solid red on top of solid red? Yes please!

This a-line dress is a favorite of mine with it's fun pockets + the tights I paired it with, not only look great because they're opaque, but they're also knit which makes them perfect for winter.

Dress from Gap {similar} || Tights from Oldnavy {similar}

The next look I have is a little more subtle and laid-back, but it still brings the Valentine's cuteness with one of my favorite color combos: Pink & Red

This look is so simple with just a sweater, pair of jeans and flats,

but what makes this outfit standout is the bright colors I used & the fun Bauble Bar earrings I added!

And can we talk about the balloon sleeves on, what has become, THIS iconic sweater from Express... perfect!

Jeans from Gap || Shoes from H&M {similar}

Now to go with a completely different style, here is an extra dolled-up 'Vintage Look'

For the most part, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves as far as the style is concerned. What I will say, is that going retro is one of my favorite ways to dress for special occasions. For this look, it was made easy for me to do so with this actual vintage skirt-suit set that was given to me by my mother-in-law (I know you're reading this Mom so THANK YOU!!), and with the help of  Besame Cosmetics They are a beauty company that makes replicas of vintage makeup, makeup tools, perfumes, and accessories.

I'm wearing their recreation of the WWII “Taken” Sailor Pin

as well as one of their many favorite lipsticks of mine '1941 Victory Red'
Not only do I love this lipstick because of the color, but I love the background story behind the shade:

"During the war, the American military forces commissioned the first “Victory Red” lipstick to women in uniform... A color meant to inspire positivity and hope with the line, “Beauty as Duty”. The name of this shade references the Allied Victory in World War II. [The color was] painstakingly researched... based upon... historical samples and lots of study... “Victory Red” is an absolutely faithful color-match to the original from 1941..."

And from all dolled-up to completely relaxed, my last look is for those of you who are staying in for Valentine's Day to spend a nice quiet evening being warm & cozy with your loved one.

I can't think of a better way to do that than with a cute jogger set & fluffy slippers!

Top || Bottom || Feet

This is the perfect outfit to stay relaxed and comfortable in while still looking cute. Just add the wine, takeout and Netflix, and you're ready for your date night...

what you do/wear afterwards is totally up to you ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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