Friday, December 29, 2017

Your Regular Scheduled Blogging Will Resume Shortly

As I was dealing with my infertility... which honestly I'll never really not be dealing with it... I needed to take a break from blogging. I couldn't continue to post as if everything was OK. Everything wasn't OK. I also didn't have anything new to say & didn't feel like turning this FASHION blog into my personal journal. I want to be open and honest and real with you guys. So here I am at my realist... not all here. It's how I've been truly feeling, and this is the truest way I can convey that feeling; by showing that I'm not, in fact, all here.

Parts of me are still around... I haven't completely disappeared... You can always keep fully updated with Mostly Maple on my Instagram Page @mostly_maple and see outfit pics, product recommendations, etc. through the photos I post and especially on my #instastories

But as I'm going into the New Year of 2018, I'll be leaving the unrest I felt & the horrible news of "you can't get pregnant" behind me, and bringing with me the rejuvenation I've gotten from my break & the hope of "these fertility treatments will work and bring the family you've always dreamed of... and more!" 

As I said, I'll never really be finished "dealing" with my infertility, but this is a journey, a battle, a fight. I couldn't fight before. I needed to rest. Now that I've garnered my strength, I'm ready for this journey/battle/fight and will be tackling it head-on... outfit on point with full details included ;)

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