Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ruffles Ruffles, Read all about it!

Let's talk ruffles, shall we?

No matter where we go these days, there's a ruffle. And with the 'cold-shoulder' also being so popular, it's not uncommon to find that ruffle off-the-shoulder. Now that summer is upon us, this trend has moved into swimwear... and I have to say, I love it!

You might be thinking it's an odd style for a swimsuit, that it's more suited for a regular top, but that's actually why I absolutely love this style for swimwear! It definitely has that bodysuit top look & feel to it, but that's what makes it so comfortable for me.

I've never felt this comfortable in a swimsuit!

And because it does have that bodysuit top look, you could totally get away with wearing it as such!

An extremely easy way to go from beach to dinner on vacations, etc. 

And I just want to add that, yes, I do wear jewelry and (at least some) makeup to the beach. I definitely get this from my mother. She's never caught with no makeup and, with whatever outfit she's wearing, whether that be swimwear or not, she's always wearing jewelry to match. And quite frankly, I never understood why you wouldn't want to wear a little something something. I mean, we do spend so much time trying to find the best swimsuit so that we can look good on the beach so why should we treat our swimwear any differently from other outfits by depriving it of accessories?
And that goes for beach bags too, our beach bags should always be cute ;)

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