Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Don't Be a Prick

When it comes to life and fashion, there are some very simple rules that everyone should follow... and this bracelet combines two of them; be cute ;)

And speaking of simple, that's what fashion rule I like to follow when it comes to summer style. Keep it simple. Now of course, I use the word 'rule' very loosely. I don't believe in anyone actually having to follow any real fashion rules. These are just some guidelines of what I think will help you make your summer styling a little easier. If it doesn't and it's just not for you, cool. Do you.

When it comes to jewelry, I always keep it simple, again, I use the term 'simple' loosely. Everything can be interpreted in more than one way, remember... it was Led Zeppelin who said it best "...sometimes words have two meanings." Either I like to wear one big piece or I wear multiple small pieces. As you see above, this summer outfit consisted of multiple small pieces.

First I'd like to shout-out my Pearl Necklace from Shop Compliment (you can read more about the background behind this company HERE and find out why it's so great to shop there) but besides loving their amazing Company Mantra, I really love their jewelry and my necklace in particular because of how simple & sweet it is. That is what I said the rule to summer fashion was; staying simple, and I really have been gravitating towards this necklace a lot this summer. It's just so prefect to add to any outfit, whether you wear it alone or layer it. It's the perfect length, and the single pearl is so darling!

Now I'd like to focus on my adorable Cactus Charm Bracelet from The Silver Loft.
I mean, how freakin' cute is it? I absolutely love a good pun, and this is definitely a real rule that everyone should live their life by!

The other bracelet was a wedding gift my husband gave me.

As far as when it comes to the clothes of a summer outfit, it's also good to keep things simple.

A plain t-shirt, a pair of denim shorts, and of course OldNavy flip flops... you can check out my flip flop video, if you haven't already, on my YouTube Channel to see how much I love my OldNavy flip flops :)

Simple, yet still so stylish. I've always said it's not what you wear, but how you wear it that makes an outfit. That's what brings out style.

Shirt || Shorts || Shoes

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