Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Life Update

Yea, I wish that was my only problem!

I know that a lot of times social media can be nothing but rainbows and sunshine. But I keep it real. It's the only way I know how to be; I don't have a poker face. If something's wrong, I wouldn't know how to hide it and make it look all pretty even if I wanted to... which I don't. I consider you guys like a family, and family not only shares the great times... the new purchases, the shopping hauls, the perfect winged eyes... they share the bad times too. And I've made my bad times no secret.

Last July, coming up on almost exactly one year ago, I had my pulmonary embolism. I almost died with blood clots filling up my lungs, barely able to breathe. But I made it. I made it by stopping smoking and my birth control pills, getting on a blood thinner, and routinely going to many doctor appointments. My doctors monitored my blood of all sorts of hormone and enzyme levels that I couldn't even begin to explain to you if I tried, and when it was coming close to the mark where I potentially would be able to stop the blood thinner, I had an entire blood workup done. And boy was there A LOT done. 20+ vials of blood were taken, and my hematologist tested everything I knew about blood and then some. Apparently blood clots can be caused by the body's makeup itself and not just from outside influences. That's mostly what she wanted to test for, to make sure my body didn't cause the clots & wasn't going to cause any in the future. Testing this would obviously be the way to tell me whether or not I could stop the blood thinner. 

And it turns out I can!
I had the test done a couple of weeks ago and when I got ALL the test results back, they were perfect. Everything was OK. I do have to be careful and go back for another workup to make sure everything is still OK in three months, but everything is, in fact, OK now.

So what does this mean going forward? Well, I have other issues. Issues I also haven't kept secret. I want to be a mother more than anything, and that's the next step I'm now working towards. But it isn't easy because the aforementioned issues are reproductive ones. I was on the birth control, in the first place, for the hormones to control my endometriosis and other pain from the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction I have. And all those hormones caused the blood clots. When I first heard I had to stop taking the pills... fine, done. It's what was going to save my life... but as time went on, I worried about what pain I would be in again once my period started again (I had had my period stopped) but I still haven't had the chance to find out. I still haven't gotten a period after being off the pill for almost a full year. I'm not ovulating. I'm not producing eggs. I can't get pregnant. Not as I am now. 

There's hope, of course; hence, fertility being my next mission. I finished what I had to do, at the moment, with my blood. Now I have to start doing what I have to do to get my body ready to conceive a baby. And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing.

I will keep you guys updated, and I just ask if you could please keep me in your thoughts/prayers & wish me and my husband much health, happiness, and success.

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