Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mix and Match

With warm weather comes bright colors. We've got BBQs, picnics, festivals, carnivals, boardwalk fairs, and my personal favorite, beergardens, to go to & we want to look good going there! So we've got lots of places to go and only so many outfits to wear, and we don't always want to wear the same old same old. Or maybe we do, but we'd like to be able to wear it in a new way. Here in lies the mixing of the prints!

Mixing prints allows you to add more options to your wardrobe as you'll now have things to wear with things you otherwise wouldn't have ever thought of pairing together in the first place. Like stripes and polka dots... say what? Yep. It can be done. In fact, it's probably the safest way you can go about mixing prints. A lot of people will tell you, that the safest and easiest way to mix prints is to start with florals and stripes, and yes. Those are beautiful prints to match, but are you really ready to start with a print as bold as flowers? Didn't think so. Stripes and little dots, though, that doesn't sound so bad... does it?

The key is little. You'll want to start with thin stripes and very small dots. Like here...

From afar, it wont even look like you're wearing a print at all with the dots being so small!

But as you'll get closer, you'll see that they're there AND they look good!

What I also did here is to mix two very bold primary colors together.. with white... OK to put it bluntly, I'm wearing RED WHITE AND BLUE AHHHHHH! Don't let the Fashion Gods strike me down!! But hey, do I honesty look anything like the American Flag?? I certainly didn't intend too, and I don't think I do. You see, you can wear red white and blue without looking like you're going to have Roman Candles shooting out of your back pocket! By choosing certain shades and using one color as the bulk of the outfit, it changes up the look of the patriotic colors. But that's an entirely different topic.. back to the prints.

OK, if you wanted to mix prints for the first time and didn't even want to attempt color, I totally understand. I started out with saying that florals were probably too bold for you to start with so for the first time, I'd stick with black and white. Picture it, thin black cigarette pants with tiny white polka dots and a black & white striped top. Try out different types of stripes. Try vertical/horizontal, and you can start little, but then get bigger. Eventually you'll be mixing and matching all different widths of stripes, adding in colors, and then you'll start moving on to different prints entirely... even florals ;)

Have Fun!


  1. So all I have to do to be a fashion blogger is dig through my closet in that dark? And here I thought it took effort.

    1. Well, you still have to put in tons of effort with the actual formation and design of the your blog, and setting up all your social media platforms. Then there's scheduling, marketing, and delevoping your content (make sure you double check your spelling and grammar because you really have to be careful about having any mistakes). Then you have to gain a following, make connections, and, after ALL that, promote it all! But, yea, if that's what you want to promote, do you boo!!


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