Friday, November 11, 2016


One of the biggest trends in fashion right now is "Athleisure" a combination of athletic and leisure wear... in other words, a way for the big fashion companies to make money off of women deciding that they aren't going to give up wearing their leggings everyday ;)

If you're wondering how to pull off this look, don't worry. There is nothing to it. It really is just the fashion industry giving you permission to wear your comfortable clothes places other than your couch or gym. Where I think the big separation from pure leisure or athletic wear comes from is in the accessories you add and exactly how you style your outfit. Instead of sneakers, wear a pair of heels or killer boots. Instead of a pull over hoodie, wear a rocking leather jacket. And speaking of adding accessories, here's a look at a perfectly fabulous athleisure wear outfit I wore.

I'm just wearing plain black leggings and Suzanne Somer's As Seen On TV's 3way Poncho... yep!
But as I said, it's how you style the outfit that gives it that extra flare. The leather jacket I wore is one of my favorite pieces. I bought it from Target years ago on sale for about $50... a crazy steal, and I absolutely can not get enough of the fringe!

Also, these AWESOME Coach Sneakers
These were another crazy steal, but from Macy's, which I also bought years ago. They're so comfortable, but have that extra punch.

And speaking of extra punch, the accessories. Accessories will always, always set any outfit apart regardless of what you're wearing.

The two Chinese Crystal bracelets are from Candles and Confetti I had them custom made for me. You can check out the previously linked website for current jewelry designs for sale from Candles and Confetti or you can contact Ashley via email or through her Instagram page @candlesandconfetti to make your own custom pieces.
The other two bracelets are diamond bracelets my husband gifted me. The white was my wedding gift and the yellow was a gift for my 25th birthday.

The ring I'm wearing with my Wedding Set is a ring that belonged to my mother. She was actually going to throw it out along with an entire box of other jewelry! I couldn't believe her, and couldn't let her just throw away jewelry so I took the box :)
I used to feel that my Wedding Set was too sacred to stack any other rings with, but I've seen other women do it, and I liked the look so I decided to give it a whirl. I'm definitely happy I did, but it's certainly not something I can see myself doing often... just a nice thing to do sometimes to add a little extra pizzazz to some outfits. What do you guys think??

And how to you guys feel about the "athleisure" trend? Not your thing or happy you have an excuse to choose the leggings over the slacks? I'm definitely more in the latter camp, but I'd wear the leggings regardless of what the fashion gods say.

I hope you all had a great week, have a happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend! Today is actually mine and my husband's 5th Wedding Anniversary... today is definitely a happy day :)

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