Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Heat; Girl and Dress Meet!

Summer's here and that means two things; it's hot and the days are long.
Is that so terrible? Absolutely not... when you're not susceptible to heatstroke. I do not do well with heat. I get overheated very easily and have a tendency to faint.  Luckily I have a wonderful husband that always watches out for me; making sure I'm constantly drinking water when we're out in the sun to keep me cool and hydrated. I also have another wonderful anti-heatstroke device... the dress.

Ah The Dress, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
1. You're super easy styling: Strap on a dress and boom, you've got an outfit.
2. You can be casual or formal super easily: Add simple sandals or some flip-flops, and your good to go. Add some banging heels and some fabulous accessories, and your good to party.
3. You're cool: Dresses help keep people like me from overheating, and people, in general, cool because of how light and breezy they are. 

They are absolutely perfect for those hot summer days. It's so hot, you don't feel like putting on any clothes at all, so the dress really helps. As I mentioned above, it keeps you stylish while staying cool. It's a "one and done" deal. You put on a dress and there's really not much else you have to do. It doesn't get any better. 

With this gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger Dress, I decided to add my favorite and very comfortable Wedge Lace-up Heels from Old Navy, and some cute little bracelets.

Top Cuff is from J. Crew and the Chainlink Double Bracelet is from Victoria's Secret

Up top, I wore my gorgeous Crystal Earrings from Candle and Confetti and my Diamond Pig Necklace that's pretty much a staple piece for me. You can get the details on the amazing sunglasses I'm wearing in the top picture on my Instagram Page @mostly_maple

Of course there's something that always adds a little more fun to a great summer day...

Beer! And 'gansett at that! I told you I was a big fan of Jaws, right?

But there's one last thing you have to remember... dresses are not only perfect for those summer days,
they are perfect for, oh, those summer nights!

Have a good one everyone, and keep cool ;)

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