Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oscars 2016 Best and Worst Looks

There wasn't much that this year's Oscars Red Carpet gave for us to talk about, but there were a few standouts for better and worse.

First, my absolute favorite look of the evening,
Saoirse Ronan

I love everything about this whole look. I think the dress is perfect. From the fit and tailoring, to the shimmer and illusion of the material. The straps in the back, the slight train, and THE COLOR! Plus with the accessories, it is just an absolute all around gorgeous look. I was sorry she didn't win for Best Actress for Brooklyn :( I really wanted her to win, but they're all winners, really. To be rich and famous in Hollywood? Yea, you're not losing.

Then Lady Gaga

 Love it! It is very different, and an unusual pick for a favorite look for me, but just like Emma Stone's Red Carpet look at the Golden Globes last year where she wore the pantsuit with the bowed train in the back, again, a pantsuit is one of my favorite looks. 

This really is Lady Gaga's year! She had my Favorite Look from this year's Golden Globes AND she won a Golden Globe! She did a fantastic job at the Super Bowl. The tribute she gave for the dearly departed David Bowie at the Grammys was awesome. And then again at the Oscars, she killed it with her performance. It brought tears to my eyes... actually, I wept.

Now for my worst looks.
First up, Cate Blanchett

then Heidi Klum

I'm putting the reason/description of why I dislike these looks together because I dislike them for a collective reason: they both look like the Sky Dancer Dolls I used to play with when I was a kid. Do you remember those?

See the resemblance now?

I mean honestly, I'm surprised they didn't dye their hair to match their dresses! Where did you think you were going? This isn't your childhood fantasy-land come to life. This is the Oscars... Hollywood's most glamorous night. Dress for the occasion please. They really both looked like the were trying to be Fairy Princesses. Just no.

And I can not end this post without giving a GIANT congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio! He is one of husband's and my favorite actors, and we both feel he should've received an Oscar, or several, years ago. All of his performances are so great, we always enjoy his movies, and we are both truly happy for him. I always really like when I'm genuinely happy for the celebrities that win. You can tell they really want it, and I want it for them. Last time I felt this way, it was for Ben Affleck when he won for his movie Argo.

So congratulations all around to everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a pleasant week!


  1. I love Saoirse's dress! She looks lovely. I actually laughed out loud as well at the Sky Dancers - they totally do look like those dolls. Although I think Cate is so beautiful she could wear anything and still look amazing! :) xx

    1. Yes, I love Saoirse Ronan and her accent! I thought it was great that she was doing a movie about moving away from your home, and this was the first movie she did where she actually had to move away from home. She said she wore green in honor of her homeland, Ireland. I thought that was so sweet :)

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