Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm So Fancy

...but no, not really.

Haha, I like to think of my everyday style as "Causal Chic"
Causal and Comfortable outfits with a little something extra. Just that extra pizzazz to make the outfit exciting. All it takes is just one little accessory; a statement necklace, a rocking pair of sunglasses, a stack full of bracelets. It's not hard. You know that "rule" that says before you leave your house you should take off one piece of jewelry? Forget that. Throw that rule out of your mind. I say, before you leave the house, think of that one little piece that can add to your look and put it on!

Here's a perfect example. Friday, I went out to my local spa/nail salon with one of my girlfriends to get the spa pedicure and manicure that I allow myself to get once a year. Since I was going to a spa were I'd be getting my legs/feet massaged, and since it is not short weather in NY yet, I needed to wear something comfortable and something that would make my legs accessible. So putting on a fabulous pair of skinny jeans or dryclean-only slacks, wasn't sensible. Simple solution... my go-to leggings and a tunic. But you'll hear "Leggings shouldn't be wore outside the gym." "It's lazy styling." "Tunics are so overdone." "Get rid of the Tunic and Leggings Look." Blah Blah Blah! Not when you know how to accessories. 

 I'm sorry, but how totally awesome is this "Fancy Schmancy" shirt from Banana Republic? 
And ok, yes, the outfit looks weird with the flip flops, but as I said, I was getting a pedicure. And if flip flops had to be worn, I was definitely going to wear my hot neon pink and leopard print ones :)

But what else added to this look to give it that pizzazz, were these absolutely AMAZING exaggerated Cateye Sunglasses from Shop and Apparel HERE

   Literally On Point :)

And then this gorgeous Bracelet Stack with my Bow Bracelet made with the collaboration of two of my other favorite shops Candles and Confetti and The Silver Loft


And to add some edge, I added this fantastic leather jacket that was originally $300 that I got on sale at Target for only $50 years ago. It was actually my husband who found it while shopping through the store one day. I had no intention of buying anything, just looking around, and then my husband comes up to me with this fabulous 80's inspired fringe leather jacket and told me there was absolutely no way I could leave without buying it. "It's such a good deal! You can't not buy it!!" My shopping philosophy has definitely rubbed off on him, haha! 

 I didn't get a picture of the whole jacket (don't worry, I'm sure it will make another blog post) but you can see the edge it did bring to the outfit... AND look at those crystal earrings. They are also from Candles and Confetti and I can not get enough of them. I'm usually not a huge earring person. I usually just wear my diamond studs that my husband bought me when we first started dating for my everyday look, but I've been wearing these all the time. And I recently had the owner of Candles and Confetti make me a pair of custom earrings from two necklace pendants... just one of the many reasons I LOVE the shop. You can talk to the owner one-on-one and she's always happy to make custom orders. The earrings will definitely be on the blog when they arrive.

And of course, a fabulous handbag is always the perfect way to finish off an outfit.

And a spa pedicure is always the perfect way to finish off a day.

And there you have it. My "Causal Chic" oh so fancy, but not really, exciting outfit. 
I hope you all have a great weekend, and for those who celebrate, a Happy Easter!

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