Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Feel Pretty!

I'm talking about some my favorite beauty products today!

First let's talk about moisturizing. I don't know about you, but I have very dry skin and the winter makes it 10 times worse! So to keep my skin nice and smooth, I live for Nivea's In-Shower Body Lotion. I remember seeing the advertisement for this last spring and it very much intrigued me. I had mentioned it to my mother during one of our usual mother-daughter "how's things" conversations... and then she bought me two huge bottles of it for my birthday. So I now had the product and it was time to give it a whirl. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but it is absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe how smooth it made my skin, and I've been using it ever since. But let me back track a little bit and tell you how it works. 

1. Take your shower how you normally do: wash your hair, shave your legs, use your body wash, etc;
2. Rinse everything off so your skin is clean;
3. Apply the Nivea lotion to your wet skin (while still in the shower); and
4. Rinse the lotion off and boom... you get out of the shower, dry yourself off, and you're done.

The first time I used it, I kept rinsing and rinsing because I thought I still had too much lotion on. And then it hit me, "You can stop rinsing you ding-bot. The product is working!" I was not used to my skin ever being so soft. So believe you me, this stuff works.

And lips... When talking about moisturizing, you can't forget about your lips. Your lips are the most sensitive part of your skin, and I always keep mine moisturized. Whether I'm just staying in the house all day or going out. If I'm just staying in, I'll just apply lip balm. If I'm going out, I'll apply lip balm to my lips when I first start getting ready. That way, when I put on my lipstick after I'm done, my lips aren't dry, but enough time has passed that the lip balm doesn't interfere with the application of my lipstick. And my all time favorite lip balm is EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere... but only the one made with Coconut Milk. I've tried the other flavors made with Soy, but there's just something about the Coconut Milk that makes it so much better. I can't be the only one that thinks this either because it is so hard to find! My husband was able to find one for me while out shopping one day (he always hears me talk about how I need a new one because I'm running so low, but I can never find it in any of the stores I shop in -you can see how much I use it by how little is left in my open one).

Continuing on with lips, my favorite lipsticks... Basically it's almost anything by Maybelline! But my top favorites are their plums, vivids, and mattes.  For me, plums work best with my skin tone, but I love a good pop of color and, of course, the classic red.


I never feel fulling dressed until I spray my Hanae Mori on. It is my absolute all time favorite perfume, and no matter where I go, someone always comes up to me and tells me how nice I smell. And my simple reply is always "Hanae Mori." 

Ok, so now I'm going to talk about something that might be controversial for some people, but not me... Botox/Fillers.  

I have plenty of girlfriends who use them, or are on the verge of using them, and last year I was right there with them. I was very upset one day, crying over something that was really bothering me at the time... what? I can't remember, but I did finally get over it. I wiped my tears away and moved on. I grabbed my phone and started looking through Facebook and Instagram to keep my mind off what was bothering me, and was a completely happy person... or so I thought. I shut the screen off when I was done, and there reflected back at me off my phone's screen was a very angry looking woman. I thought "WHAT THE F**K?!!" Why do I still look so upset? It was the dreaded '11 lines' Dun Dun Dunnnn!!!!!

I immediately sprang up and ran to my husband and screamed "THAT'S IT I'M GETTING BOTOX!!!" Now my husband is a very supportive person, and if I wanted to go out and get Botox or whatever Filler suited me, he wouldn't stop me, but if he can, he will try to convince me to not do something if he thinks I'm being crazy. And apparently, me needing Botox was me being crazy. "You're still so young, once you start you can't stop. It'll make your skin flabby." Blah Blah Blah.

I looked into getting a consultation, but as I was doing so, his words were repeating back in my mind. Maybe there was something in the middle between Fillers and Nothing? There was. 

Brilliance New York's Face Cream.

This stuff is gold!.. Well actually it's rubies and diamonds :) And as it says in the name, brilliant. 
There are 5 different collections: Pearl, Gold, Diamond, Ruby, and Caviar. You can find out more about their skin care line HERE

I chose to go with the Ruby Collection. All collections are safe to use for ages 18+ and even though they recommend the Pearl/White Collections for 30+ and the Ruby/Caviar Collections for 50+, I was g'damn desperate and wanted to get as far ahead of the aging process as I could... plus it's pink and it's got rubies and diamonds in it! What's not to love? Seriously though, the website that I linked above has all the information behind the science of these infusions... the rubies and diamonds aren't in there just for kicks. And the science behind the Ruby Collection suited my needs for wanting to get rid of my '11'... and I've got to say, I'm happy AND actually look it! After using the cream, waking up the next day, my face feels so refreshed and my '11' isn't so bad. Is it completely gone, no, but I definitely see a huge difference. For me, it's doing what I wanted it to. Slowing down the aging process. 
(Still doesn't mean I'll never get Botox/Fillers. I'm just not getting any right NOW)

You only use the Face Cream once a week (2-3 times at the most) and at night, after your face is clean, to get the best results. This is how I use it...

I take my showers at night so, once a week, after I've finished with my shower I...
1. Use Simple's Exfoliating Wipes (another one of my favorite beauty products HERE) to clean my face; and
2. Apply the face cream to my face, concentrating on my forehead, cheeks, and neck/decollete. 

Don't go crazy with the product. A little goes a long way.... And you see that weird little white thing in the picture I posted above? You've seen it before, I know you have. DON'T THROW IT OUT... Use it! What is it? It's a Face Cream Spatula. This is how you apply the cream to your face. Digging around in your jar of face cream with your fingers will only cause bacteria to grow, ruining the cream and throwing money down the drain. We don't want to do that. That's why companies puts those little things in the packaging. Use the spatula to scoop out the face cream from the jar and then transfer the cream to your fingers and only then let your hands handle the cream. And of course, always wash the spatula each time after use. I would also advise investing in some backup spatulas in case you lose it. Google "Face Cream Spatula" and you can buy about 250 of them for $5. Will you need that many? No, but I give them out to my friends and family.

So there you have it. My favorite beauty products that keep me looking and feeling pretty :)

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