Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best of 2015

Well 2015 has come and gone and so begins a new year... 2016! I hope it brings much health happiness and prosperity to me and all my loved ones, and to all of you. But before looking forward into the new year, I'd like to take a look back and share with you just a few of my favorite things from 2015.

First I'd like to start out with some pieces that I'm thrilled made it into my wardrobe. 
The TShirt Dress

I love this Style. Dress it up or Dress it down, and you always have the perfect outfit. 
So simple yet, still, so stunning. 

And the Color, I love a bright Pop of Color. This Orange is not a usual color for me. In fact, this is the only piece of clothing I own in this color, but I absolutely love it!


To finish any outfit, a great pair of booties is always a good option.

But speaking of shoes, we can't talk about shoes in 2015 without talking about

Definitely another perfect option to finish an outfit...

and another option, for those extra cold and/or rainy days

Of course no outfit is ever really truly complete without accessories!

Right on the top of the list of my favorite things is the Bauble Bangles and other styles of jewelry I discovered from Candles and Confetti

Along with Candles and Confetti, The Silver Loft is another jewelry company I am unable to live without. Especially their beautiful
Personalized Cuffs

And Mieroglyphs Bracelets

Gorgeous on the outside and so Meaningful on the inside.
(and don't forget, if you'd like one for yourself, use the promo code: MOSTLYMAPLE to get Free Shipping with your order HERE)

 But of course, I can't mention jewelry without mentioning my love for

Oh look at it, just gorgeous!

Then, this year, I decided that I needed a new coat. With my love of all things bold, all the coats I've owned have all been very, shall we say, loud. I love them, but there are just some occasions that call for something just a little more quiet.

Houndstooth Pea Coat

It doesn't scream, but it isn't completely silent either.
From Simple Addiction

 Victoria's Secret

 Underneath all the clothes and accessories, it's so fun to wear cute panties. I just absolutely love panties with cute little sayings on them.

Kate Spade

 Being a Blogger, it helps to have the necessary stationary supplies to help inspire new posts! And no other stationary is cuter or more inspirational than Kate Spade's.
And with that being said, I know my posts have been very few and in between so my New Year's Resolution is to push myself to be on a strict schedule so my posts will be consistent.

Before I end this post, though, I can't leave without mentioning
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It's my absolute favorite movie of all time and I absolutely love everything and anything that has to do with the show. Whether it's the MAC Lipstick or the Christmas Sweater I wore to Christmas Eve.
(you can check that out and much more on my Instagram page @mostly_maple)

Well, until next time, be well and have
a very Happy New Year!

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