Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet Review

The 73rd Annual Golden Globes were on last night and I wasn't as disappointed in the styles as much as I was last year, but for the last couple of years, I don't know what the hell these stars are thinking when they get dressed! 

There was a trend on the Red Capet of this kind of "Half Cape" Look
The best way I can describe it is as if the designer was in the middle of making a cape, the actress called, said "hey I want to wear this to the Golden Globes" and then the designer stopped the Cape and starting to turn it into a dress. And that's a lot coming from me. I LOVE a cape... But if you're going to wear a cape, wear a cape! 

These styles just looked like the actresses had extra fabric growing out of their armpits.
Not a good Look.

Giuliana Ranic

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jennifer Lopez.. P.S. Can we please stop calling this color Marigold? It's Mustard. 

Viola Davis... and it breaks my heart a little to put her in this category because I really like her, and I usually love what she wears to the Red Carpets, and, in fact, I did like this dress. Just not that stupid extra fabric. If this had the shear illusion mesh continue down the arms as a long sleeve, it would have been absolutely beautiful; it would've been one of my favorite looks. But it didn't and it isn't.

Now on to my absolute worst looks of the night.

Kirsten Dunst... why? She wasn't wearing that dress, that dress was wearing her. And you could see how uncomfortable she was. Just no.

Kate Hudson... The Fifth Element called, Lelu wants her dress back.

Now for the best... I'll save my number one for last.

Queen Latifah... I loved this color on her. The dress was simple and elegant, and I loved the touch of embellishment on the top that went perfectly with her earrings.

Jennifer Lawrence... It took me a while to like this look. I didn't pay it any mind when I first saw her on the Red Carpet. It gave me a little pause when she presented. When she won, I asked myself "Do I like this look?" Then when she was doing interviews and they were replaying clips of her from the evening, I decided that I loved this look. Loved the red. Loved how simple it was, but still striking. And I love how she made one bold statement with the necklace and then left everything else clean.

Helen Mirren... I loved loved loved her look! So classic and gorgeous, and I loved the jewelry. She commanded the Red Carpet with this look. Just an absolutely beautiful woman. Work it Miss Mirren!

And my Number One Favorite Look of the Night

Lady Gaga... I can go on and on about how much I just absolutely LOVED this whole look! Head to Toe it is perfect. The structure of the dress is, well, I said this already but there's no other word, perfect. I loved the bracelets and simple earrings she wore, and I loved that she kept her neck bare to showoff the gorgeous neckline of the dress. And her hair and makeup... love love love love love love!

So, there you have it. Let me know what you thought of last night's looks.
And until next time, be well!

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