Thursday, December 3, 2015

Disco's Not Dead...

It's ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' aliveeee liveeee liveeee... It's Stayin' Alive!

I spoke before on my blog about how fashions always come back into style, but it was Miss Coco Chanel herself that said it best "Anyone who thinks they're original has no sense of history."

And if you open up your history books, you'll see that a lot of the fashions that are "on trend" right now have a very '70s vibe to them. From the fringe to the big floppy hats, the platforms and the dresses... Disco is back baby! And as a self-proclaimed rocker, its a little hard to say this, but I'm Loving it! At least when it comes to fashion :)

I was recently given this gorgeously groovy dress by Shabby Apple. Shabby they are anything but. Well versed in their Fashion History, however, they are.

First can we just thank the Fashion Gods for giving us the wrap dress? You can absolutely never go wrong with a wrap dress. No matter what size, shape, or age you are. That's just one of the many reasons I love this dress, another, the print! Gorgeous! I love the shapes and the colors, and the material of the dress is just delicious. One of the first things I do when opening a new piece of clothing that's just been delivered to me, is feel the fabric. I love when clothes are well made with good material that not only feels well put together, but also feels just wonderful on my skin. When clothes not only look, but feel good, that's when you really know you've got something fabulous. 

And fabulous is exactly what this dress and the company it's made by is, FAB.U.LOUS.

If you go to Shabby Apple's website, you'll see that not only do they channel the '70s so perfectly well into they're clothes, they do so with every decade. And being a woman that pays close attention to what our past decades have given us through fashion, I really love that about this company.

I love wearing inspired pieces, but still make them modern. That's the best part about fashion and style for me. It's taking different pieces with say a '70s flare, like my Shabby Apple wrap dress, and putting my own flare to it. Like how I paired the dress with Sexy Thigh High Boots. 

So definitely check out what Shabby Apple has to offer. With the holidays coming up, I'm sure you're gonna need some new dresses in your wardrobe... the only question is, what decade will you be bringing back?

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And Happy Holidays to all!

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