Saturday, September 12, 2015

Don't Rock The Boat

 A Story of a Long Island Girl and How She Got Over Her Fear of the Ocean... 

at least for a Day.

As many of you may or may not know, I was born and raised on Long Island which means I spent a lot of my time on/by the ocean. And even though I absolutely love the atmosphere and the whole nautical scene, I am absolutely terrified of the ocean. It's a little hard to explain... I'm not afraid of drowning or anything like that. I'm physically afraid of the ocean itself. I just feel like we're not supposed to be in the ocean, and lord only knows what's down there! We've only researched 5% of our oceans which means that 95% of our oceans haven't even been seen; there could be Megalodon down there for all we know. There's just too many unknowns and I DO NOT like it one bit.

All that being said, I manage to keep my fear mostly under control by simply not going in the water when I go to the beach or the bay, and also by declining any invitation to go on any boat rides. But for my mom's birthday a couple of weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law who live right off the water, invited my mom and the family which of course included me, to go out on the boat and head out to anchor in front of the theater at Jones Beach for the Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago Concert. Well, when I first heard about it, I immediately declined without thinking about it. But then my sister called to ask if I was coming and I said no, but then we were talking about how much we loved Chicago and we starting talking about all our favorite songs from when we were younger. Then I got all nostalgic and said "I'd think about it." But then I started thinking about it and I started having a panic attack. I started imaging being in the middle of the deep deep ocean with giant waves crashing into us as we went flying across the abyss at extremely high speeds. I freaked myself out. So I stopped thinking about it.

Then as the days went by, I let myself think about it a little at a time. I weighed the pros and cons, and thought hard about what exactly I was afraid of and if there was a way I could get over my fear. I realized that a lot of my fear of being on a boat came from the lack of control I would have and driving too fast. So I made my sister promise that if I went that we would not go fast AT ALL for ANY reason and that we wouldn't be doing any crazy boat tricks or ride waves, and that it would just be a calm easy ride to the theater, we'd anchor, listen to the concert, then ride calmly and easily back home. That's it. And she agreed. And since most of the time on the boat would be spent anchored, that definitely calmed me down about 80 notches, but there were still 20 notches of fear I had left.

So what could I do to bring down my fear a few more notches? MAKE A LIST! Instead of worrying about not being in control, I'd gain control by making a list of everything I could possibly need in any situation. And this worked wonders. By preparing myself for anything that could go wrong, it stopped me from worrying about anything actually going wrong. So the night before the boat trip, I told my family that I would be going, made my list of everything that I could think of that I would need, and then the next morning, I prepared my bag. First I had to pick a bag. I picked one of my many Victoria's Secret Totes that I've gotten for free with one of my many purchases.

The Large Pink One that had the Large Flat Bottom

I also brought my Victoria's Secret Waterproof Clutch that came with one of my other Totes. This was perfect for my phone, license, money, etc.

So what was in my big tote? First, I brought 3 sweatshirts. 1 heavy one for if the temperature dropped really low and I got very cold, 1 medium one for if the temperature didn't drop as low, and 1 for if the temperature dropped just a little bit and I just got chilly. Second, I brought a blanket in case I wanted to cover my legs. Third, a hand-held fan in case I got super hot. Fourth, a big floppy hat to shield my face from the sun. Fifth, sunscreen lotion. Sixth, an umbrella in case it rained. Seventh and Lastly, medication for any kind of ailment: Advil, Pepto, Imodium, etc. Water, Beverages, Food and Towels were already being provided by my brother and sister-in-law... otherwise of course those are things one would also want to bring on a boat. But if I ever do go on a boat again, bringing my own towel will definitely be on my list just to insure that I'd actually have a towel in case something happened to towels already on board. 

Now for the Outfit

My outfit, of course, included my Blue Bandeau Bathing Suit with matching Sequined Flip Flops, both also from Victoria's Secret. A Comfy light-weight White Cover-up and Blue Fleece Shorts. My Blue Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses. And then, my anti-bug bracelet. This bracelet is genius! It's an expandable bracelet soaked in citronella to ward off mosquitoes... I'm allergic to mosquitoes so I always wear these when I go to outdoor events. 

So with everything on my list checked off, and in hand, I was ready to head on the boat for the ride over to the theater. Now I'll admit that I did freak out a couple of times and I wound up having to take some Valium (legitimately prescribed to me by my doctor of course) but after that I was good to go.

But besides my check-list, what really helped me get through this boat ride, was the support of my family. Without their understanding and comfort, I would've never made it. My family wouldn't let a fly hurt me, let alone let the ocean swallow me up for me never to be seen again LOL. Seriously though, I sincerely thank them.

They truly made me feel like I was...


And cheers to you, Ocean

Maybe we'll meet up again sometime, but I'll have to give it some thought ;)

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