Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Locks of Love

I've been blessed with the ability to grow my hair very long very quickly. I only cut my hair once a year, and that's only out of necessity. But from that necessity, comes a very good deed. Within a year, my hair grows down passed my derriere. I then chop it all off and donate my hair to Locks of Love. This has become a yearly ritual for me and it makes me feel great. Not just because I'm doing something good, and getting a great haircut out of it, but because I know I'm making someone else's life better. 

And last week is when I had my Annual Haircut

I had over 15" taken off! And still have all this hair :)

Of course with a great haircut, there has to be a great outfit to go with it.

I wore this simple Black Maxi Dress with a Side Slit, and these gorgeous Chain-link Necklaces and Bracelet

Maxi Dresses are great! Just add a few accessories and flip flops and you have the perfect simple outfit... But add a fabulous pair of heels and you have the perfect formal outfit. Make your clothes work overtime for you. It saves money while still looking great! That's what's so important about having staple pieces and then having lots of great accessories to mix and match. Even though you're wearing the same main piece of clothing, with different accessories, you're wearing a totally different outfit. And don't be afraid of your accessories. Like how I wore my Chain-link Necklaces. Could I have just worn one? Yes. Would it have looked great? Yes. But why stop at just one? Layering your accessories gives an even greater pop to your outfit, especially when you mix metals. Staying with just all silver or just all gold is definitely not necessary. Mix Mix Mix.

Now if you're in the Queens/Long Island area near Garden City, you need to check out Textures Hair Studio and ask for Christine. I've been going to her forever. She did my hair for my Engagement Party and my Wedding, and always does a fabulous job above and beyond my expectations. And no matter where you live, you should think about donating your hair.  I love having long hair and I know a lot of you woman do too, but that doesn't mean you can't also donate to Locks of Love. Yes there is a minimum length of hair you have to have to donate, but if you don't want to cut your hair short, do what I do. Just grow your hair out and then have it cut and donated... Or go for that short haircut! We're always going and getting our hair done to make ourselves feel great, and that's good. We should do things that make us feel great. But we should also do things to make others feel great. So please, just think about it. It will make you feel even better than you ever thought you could from getting a new hairdo. 

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. You are very fortunate your hair grows that fast. I wish mine did. Locks of love has had issues with selling the hair for extensions rather than providing wigs, even then they sell them. If I had hair that grew that fast I would choose the pantene or wigs for kids charities, or even sell the hair for extensions and donate the proceeds to a charity that helps the children directly. Your intent is honorable, too bad that your choice was not as honorable as you.


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