Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Black Tunic

Every woman has her favorite Little Black Dress, but why stop there? Every woman should have her favorite Little (insert color here) Anything. And one of my favorites is my Little Black Tunic. I LOVE tunics. You see, I'm short. So yea, there are a lot of things that are hard for me to wear.... I can't buy a pair of jeans without hemming them. I have to alter every formal dress I've ever owned. And Maxis, well, I just let them drag :) But tunics, tunics I can wear no problem, and in more ways than one. I don't always have to break out the leggings to wear one... I can turn it into a dress.

And that's exactly what I did Friday night for a birthday dinner I went out to.

I kept things nice and simple only adding every woman's other favorite essential, the Stiletto, and my gorgeous turquoise rings just to add a little flare.

With, of course, my Celine... I was on the Miracle Mile after all... "...Should I get a set of white-wall tires? -Are you gonna cruise the Miracle Mile? Nowadays you can't be too sentimental. Your best bet's a true baby-blue Continental. Hot Fuck, Cool Punk..." Sorry I got a little distracted. 

Anywho, the other thing I love about Tunics, is the history of their evolution. Think about it. Think back to when you were learning about Global History in school or maybe you've been to a Renaissance Faire lately? What are the women wearing? Now what are the men wearing?... Tunics! Tunics aren't a new thing. They've been around for a longgggggg time. And the fact that they used to be Medieval/Renaissance Men's Wear and are now Modern Women's Wear, is simply amazing to me. It is true what they say; You wait around long enough and everything comes back into style. They just don't say how. Toga Party anyone?

I hope you all are having a great week. Until next time, be well!


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