Friday, August 7, 2015

Color Cheer and Giveaway Grievance

Yesterday I had my monthly check-up; an event that certainly isn't a outright dread, but definitely not something I look forward to every month either. In general, whenever I'm not in a good mood, I wear a bright colorful outfit to cheer myself up. Looking bright and cheery helps to make me feel more bright and cheery, and I specifically figured that this kind of an outfit would come in handy yesterday. 

So here's what I wore.

An absolutely gorgeous Multicolor Floral Baby Doll Top from H&M with a pair of Classic Cutoff Denim Shorts and OldNavy Flip Flops. About the Flip Flops: I didn't feel like putting too much effort into a Doctor's Office Outfit, and the Shirt was enough of a standout.

I also added these amazing Bauble Bangles from Candles and Confetti.

The different bangle colors I mixed went perfectly with my shirt and perfectly added to the colorful mood I was trying to set myself in.

And it actually worked for the morning part of my day. The doctor's appointment couldn't have gone more smoothly, and the drive over to the pharmacy and the wait therein went fairly quickly. So then I decided to head over to the mall. I had to go there anyway because I had to pick up my wedding band. It needed to be repaired because one of the diamonds had become loose, and it was now ready for pick-up. So I also decided that, while I was there, I would head over to Victoria's Secret for 1. I wanted a new bra; 2. I had $35 worth of coupons; and 3. I wanted to take advantage of the #VSTEASE Promotion and redeem a free gift. WELL! What a overly complicated ridiculously rude adventure that was. Picking up my wedding band went fine, but when I headed over to Victoria's Secret, that's when my bright and colorful outfit had to work overtime to cheer me up! 

I walked into the store and was greeted by a lovely sales associate named Nicole. She helped me find the exact bra I was looking for, asked me if I needed to be fitted, etc. Just generally a lovely lady who knows how to handle her job. After finding the bra, I asked Nicole about the #VSTEASE Promotion. I had asked: "Just one more thing, I had seen on Instagram that there is supposed to be a mirror in the store that you can take a selfie in and then post it to get a free gift, do you have that here?" She told me they did, and she then directed me to the mirror and explained exactly how I was supposed to redeem the free gift. I was to simply take a selfie in the #VSTEASE Mirror, post the picture on Instagram with the hashtags #VSTEASE and #VSGIFT, then when I was ready to be rung up, to just show the sales associate the picture and he/she would give me my free gift.

 It did not work out that way at all. In fact, it didn't work out period. The first sales associate I spoke with, after Nicole, at first told me I couldn't use all my coupons at once, but after questioning her, she asked her fellow sales associate and that associate told her that I was right and that I could use all my coupons. Then when I showed her the #VSTEASE Selfie she told they were out of the panties and there was nothing else I could receive. I was very upset and confused by this because Nicole didn't tell me the store had ran out of the gifts, and shouldn't all the sales associates know what's going on in the store especially with promotions? So I paid for my bra... $13 down from $48... then went back to Nicole and told her that I was told that the store was out of the #VSTEASE Promotion panties so I couldn't get my #VSTEASE Gift. I couldn't believe the look on her face when I said this. She looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. Then she told me that it wasn't panties I was supposed to get, it was perfume. 

Now I was really upset. Colorful outfit or not, I was mad!

Nicole then asked another sales associate about the promotion to confirm the details, but that sales associate wasn't sure so she asked over her headphones to whom I assume was the manager who told her in which then I was told that, once I posted the picture on Instagram with the correct hashtags, I would be sent the perfume in the mail. But that wasn't right either... and the last sales associate I spoke with was one of the rudest people I have ever met and she certainly gave me the absolute rudest most unacceptable experience I have ever had with customer service. From rolling her eyes, to trying to just walk away from me to not deal with me at all, and then actually yelling at me to get out of the store! I couldn't believe it... And I swear, I never once raised my voice or gave any attitude. Totally unacceptable. 
I then contacted Victoria's Secret via Twitter and told them about my experience and that I hoped I would actually receive my gift in the mail. This is when I was told that they weren't sending the gifts in the mail, and that the only way to redeem the gift was in-store. They asked me to elaborate on my experience so I did. They got back to me this morning, apologizing and they are sending me a $25 gift card for my trouble. At least they are trying to make up for what happened, but it just shouldn't have happened in the first place. 

After ALL that, I left the mall and grabbed a quick drink and snack from Starbucks, and started to relax and let my colorful outfit set my mood back to a cheerful setting.

 I hope that if any of you tried or will try to redeem the free #VSTEASE Promotion gift, that you didn't/don't have anywhere near the experience I had, and I hope you all have a bright wonderful colorful cheerful weekend.


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