Friday, July 31, 2015

Pow Wow with a Pop of Color!

When it comes to style, there's almost nothing I love better than a black and white outfit with a Pop of Color. Any neutral palette with a gorgeous pop is one of the simplest and stylish ways to put a outfit together. Just one piece of jewelry or a bright shoe can instantly turn your outfit from a flop to a pop!

Like this outfit I wore to the Pow Wow last Friday.  

As you see, I wore a black and white striped tube-top with black terry shorts. And I popped this outfit by layering these beautiful turquoise necklaces from The Silver Loft. Not only is adding a pop of color with jewelry to a neutrally colored outfit fun, but it's also fun to mix and match your jewelry with different styles, shapes and lengths while staying in the same color family. 

This kept me cool and stylish. Another great summer night festival outfit. Like I mentioned, I wore this outfit to the Pow Wow. I have gone to this Pow Wow for well over 25 years. It never gets boring and it's for a wonderful cause. Representatives from different Native American Tribes get together and raise money for their Tribes and families, and there are beautiful costume and dance contests. They're absolutely beautiful to watch.  And the shopping! I'll have to admit that the shopping is my favorite part. 

I picked up these absolutely gorgeous rings.

 Did I mention I love turquoise? I bought the large ring from Yellow Two Horse Native American Trader. You can find out more information about their products by contacting the owner at I had seen the other midi ring at last year's Pow Wow, but didn't buy it and it haunted me all year. I knew I needed it but didn't think I was going to be able to find it, but right at the last minute, I did. I didn't catch the name of the seller though. The rings went perfectly with the necklaces I was already wearing, adding even more of a Pop to my outfit.

Another great way to incorporate a Pop of Color into your everyday style, is to add a cute little piece to your purse. And the perfect way to do so is with Aurora London's Fur Pom Pom! When I saw this adorable little ball of fur cuteness, I had to buy one for myself. I wound up buying the red one and added it to my Celine Mini Luggage Tote.

Too Cute!

With the weekend here again, I hope you all have lots of fun filled for your days... and lots of Pop in your Outfits!

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