Sunday, July 12, 2015

M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.

Mickey Mouse!

So last night, with it being the end of Shark Week, I decided to go out on the Island to one of my favorite Seafood Restaurants, Peter's Clam Bar, with some friends. Sitting outside as the sun was setting with a good drink and excellent food made for the perfect night and a great way to end truly the most wonderful week of the year. Here's what I wore...

Another chill, but still stylish, summer outfit. I absolutely love these embellished shorts I was wearing. They give just enough pizazz without being too over-the-top (although things are hardly ever too over-the-top for me) while still giving that something extra which gives more style to the shorts than plain denim ones.... that instantaneous style I talked about in my last post. I added this simple Black Cami; keeps you nice and cool and is still sleek and chic. And for shoes, I went with these silver metallic Flip Flops. They draw in the embellishment of the shorts which gives the whole outfit more style in general. I topped the outfit off with my favorite pair of Gucci Sunglasses. But the real star of this outfit is the bag! Meet Celine. I truly am one lucky woman. Last week, after waking up one morning, my husband and I had our usual good morning conversation... then came one of the greatest surprises ever. He said he wanted me to go buy "something nice" like a new bag. He gave me a budget and then told me to go ahead and go shopping. Hence my new Celine Mini Luggage Tote in Black Peppled Leather. I love when he surprises me with shopping sprees. I think it's because he feels bad about how much he's away from home at work... anyone else married to an engineer? 

So with my new handbag in hand, I headed over to Pete's with my friends and had a wonderful night. With the live music and the great atmosphere, I didn't think my night could get any better... then popped out this little 4 year old girl. I had this heart melting moment with her. I'm still thinking about it today and it still brings such a huge smile to my face... but before I get into the story, I have to start out with what sparked the story. My bangles. Yes my bangles. I'm obsessed. Absolutely, 100 Percent, Completely obsessed with the Bauble Bangles from Candles and Confetti. You can check them out here or follow @candlesandconfetti on Instagram. I'll be doing a more detailed post dedicated to the bangles and my other favorite jewelry obsessions in another post. For now, let's just focus on the bangles I was wearing last night so I can get to my story.

I stayed with a black and gold theme and decided to bring out my Mickey Ears last night. I was in a giddy mood and you never lose your inner child or your love for Disney, and this Mickey Mouse Bangle hit the spot. 

So, the story, this little girl who, like I mentioned, looked about 4 years old (definitely not older than that) came up to me and just started smiling at me. I looked down and said hello to her. Then she went on and on about how excited she was that I was wearing a Mickey Mouse bracelet. It was so cute. I noticed that she was wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt so I told that we matched and that brought an even bigger smile to her face. When asked if she had ever been to Disney World, she said "No... not yet! I've been to Disney Land, but I really want to go to Disney World because I want to go to Florida for the experience." I couldn't believe this little girl. So smart and funny and just one of the most adorable little girls I've ever met! And then I was thinking this morning. I thought "You know? Here was this little girl who obviously loves Disney and then she saw me last night, a grown adult, with a Mickey Mouse bracelet on. I hope that gave her hope. Hope that you never lose who you are. That those things you love now will still be the things you love later." I know that's deep for Disney, but it's more than that. I know when I was little, I always wondered and worried about what being an adult would be like. Will I have to give up all my toys? Can I still watch cartoons? Will my family still be the same, where will I live? Will I have to work? How would I get a job? Can I really be Cat Woman? (I loved the Adam West Batman series and Cat Woman was my favorite. I thought she was so pretty, and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up) and I really hope that, by this little girl seeing me wearing my bracelet, I helped to put her mind at ease at least a little bit. Like "Hey, I like Disney and here's this grownup that likes Disney too. That means I can like Disney when I'm a grownup." Translation: "Being a grownup isn't going to be so bad.'

And it's not. Especially when you remember that your inner child is always with you, so you never really are 100% an adult, you have great friends and family, a loving husband... and a Mickey Mouse Bangle.

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