Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anti-Drip Summer Style Tips

So summer is finally here. We've been waiting for it all winter long, cursing the snow, praying for the day that the sun will come out and the temperature would just warm up already! But now that it's here, all we want to do is cool off. The dread of having to put on actual clothes and heading off to work or to run errands, instead of putting on a bikini and heading to the beach, is just too much to bare. And it's very easy to get lazy with your style... just putting on the T-Shirt, Shorts, and Flip Flops and heading out.. not caring what we look like because it's just too damn hot to care about anything! But we need to care. You should always take care of yourself. When you look good, you feel good. And every woman over the age of, at the maximum, 25 should never leave the house without at least some makeup on.

So here's some tips. You don't have to leave the house with your face fully beat, but like I said, you have to put something on. Personally, I never leave the house without my Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara regardless of the situation. But I don't always feel like putting in the extra effort and putting on eye shadow; however to add a little depth, I line my eyes with eyeliner a little thicker than one usually would. I usually use black eyeliner, but to change up your look and to add a nice pop, try a colored eyeliner... I especially like metallics. 

And yes, these are my real lashes. No Falshies. 

Then instead of using any kind of a foundation (not even a BB cream; although, if you feel uncomfortable without having any coverage on your face, a BB cream would be the way to go) I take out my powdered bronzer and highlight the apples of my cheeks and brush a little on my nose. Evens out my skin tone and makes me look like I've just been kissed my the sun. 

Now, I have olive skin tone which makes bronzer work very well for me. If you have a different skin tone, and bronzer doesn't quite work well with your skin or if bronzer just isn't your thing, use a pink blush. It will give you that same "kissed by the sun" look. Just like when we go to the beach and forget to reapply the suntan lotion and we get a little sunburned on our cheeks... but without the risk of skin cancer. 

Now for the outfit. There's nothing wrong with the T-Shirt, Shorts, and Flip Flops look... as long as you put effort into the look. First, let's start at the top... hair. My hair is really long, so in the summer, a lot of the time I put it up it a bun. Cuter than the plain old ponytail in my opinion, and it gets your hair completely off your neck, not only helping you to stay cool, but also to stay stylish. If you want to wear your hair down, but don't feel like "doing" your hair... which I completely understand, but once again ladies we're going to stay stylish... after you get out of the shower, spray a Beach Hair Spray (Victoria's Secret has a nice one) through your hair, scrunching it up a little and let it air dry. Done. The spray has sea salt in it to add texture and to give you that "I've just spent the day at the beach" look, and it also has a blend of Buriti Oil and Sunflower Seed Extract to help protect your hair from UV Damage. 

OK so my hair is up.

Now let's go down and discuss the outfit. It's hot. I get it. You don't want to wear anything heavy and you don't have too. But instead of a loose T-Shirt, try a cute formfitting Cami. And it's doesn't have to be crazy, you can go with a simple black or white, like I did. Simple doesn't mean it's not stylish. If you want to go with the T-Shirt add a lightweight statement necklace. An instantaneous way to add style to your outfit. The necklace that I'm wearing, is a pig necklace that my brother and his girlfriend gave to me one year for my birthday. I've mentioned before (probably many times) that I LOVE pigs. I even have a tattoo of a flying pig. People always say "...when pigs fly" meaning that something isn't possible, but I believe that everything is possible ergo pigs fly :) 
Anywho, pigs also mean good luck and the necklace they gave is a special wish necklace in which you make a wish then put on the necklace and as long as you're wearing it, it's supposed to protect you from any negativity or anything getting in the way of making your wish come true... so I wear it everyday, that doesn't stop me from adding necklaces to it, but this time, I decided to keep things simple and just wore the pig necklace. 

With my Black Cami and cute gold pig necklace, I decided to wear my favorite pair of high-waisted Jeggings from H&M. They're lightweight, extremely comfortable, retro, and just awesome. If you've been too scared to try out the high-waist look, I would start with jeggings instead of jeans. They have a little more give and are more figure forgiving. But definitely try out the look if you haven't. Then instead of Flip Flops, I put on my pair of cute black ballerina flats. You don't always have to reach for the Flip Flops... if you do, reach for ones with a cute pattern or with embellishments. Another instantaneous way to add style to your outfit... but when you don't, you can go with a cute pair of flats, like I did, or a cool sandal or Espadrilles! Espadrilles oh I love thee!! I have a pair of the most adorable white lace-up flamingo-printed ones that I got on sale online at H&M for only $7

Unfortunately these Espadrilles are sold out, but H&M still has an awesome collection of other styles. But I have to be honest and say that my absolutely favorite pair of Espadrilles are my black and white Chanel ones :) But now we're getting a little off topic. Back to the outfit. Lastly I added my beautiful Rose Gold Watch... a watch is always good choice for an accessory. Everyone should own at least one good watch or two or three (heehee) and they're not only practical, but, well, beautiful as I said. With all the awesome designs out there, watches are not just for time-telling anymore.

So now you put it all together and you turn yourself around...

and you're keeping cool while looking cool.

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