Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas time is here...

...happiness and cheer, fun for that children call their favorite time of year!

I hope you read that hearing the voices of Charlie Brown's Peanuts from A Charlie Brown Christmas because that's how I wrote it :)

Christmas time is here, and I wish I could say I was filled with happiness and cheer, but honestly I'm just going through the motions. It's not that I'm not exactly enjoying myself, because, once I actually push myself to do something, or should I say, once my wonderful husband pushes me --because he knows it will cheer me up-- I actually do have fun. We went to the annul Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Plattdeutsche Park Beergarden and trust you me I did not want to go. I did plan on going because we go every year, but this year I just haven't been in a very "Christmas Mood". My leg still hurts from the muscle pull. By the way, I did finally see a doctor about that and the first thing she wanted to rule out was a blood clot. Apparently, it's not uncommon for the symptoms to be similar (my mother-in-law had the same thing happen to her and the first thing her doctor was worried about was a blood clot too) neither of us had blood clots, but I did pull my calf muscle and all the doctor said was that it was just going to take time and to stay off it, elevate it, and stretch it a little everyday. No quick-fix. I digress, but like I was saying, my leg still hurts and I'm just very tired. I feel like I've just been in a mad dash to get EVERYTHING done before Christmas since the day after Thanksgiving. Usually I'm the type of person that buys presents for people all year-round-- if I see something someone I know will like, I'll just buy it and hold onto it until Christmas or their next big gift-giving event and I'm certainly done with Christmas gift shopping way before Thanksgiving-- this year? Nada. I'm almost done with Christmas shopping, but I still have to pick up my husband's last gift and a couple of gifts for the "Yankee Swap" we're doing at my brother and sister-in-law's house on Christmas eve, the vodka for my famous Peppermint Eggnog Martinis, a gift for my mailman, and then the ingredients for my Baked Ziti that I'm making on Saturday for the Christmas dinner my husband and I are having with my mother-in-law and my mom. Usually my husband works on Christmas, he works every holiday actually. I think I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it now anyway because I'm very proud of my husband, he's a Stationary Engineer for Local 30 (shout-out to Local 30!) and by law two Engineers have to be in the building 24/7/365, but this year he managed to have off and it's the first Christmas we'll be spending together in.... um... 7 years? About that. It's been a long time. So on Christmas day, we're just going to stay in and spend the day together. That certainly gives me Christmas cheer :) But until then it's just been gogogo!!

We finally picked-up our Christmas tree on Sunday and finished decorating the tree and the house last night. The results...

I really love our Christmas tree (now that it's all finished lol). I love our rustic theme and all our little woodland animal ordainments --my favorite is the pig. I have a HUGE obsession with pigs (notice my Santa and Snowman pigs above --I also have a reindeer pig). I have a big collection of both flying and nonflying pigs, and I have a tattoo of a flying pig. You know the saying "when pigs fly" well to me, I think anything's possible so pigs do fly. That's what that means to me. Plus pigs are a symbol of good luck, and I love picking up pigs from different places that I've traveled to. Russ and I, and my mother and brother went up to Howe Caverns last summer on a little vacation and in the Caverns' gift shop they had a tree with all woodland animal ordainments hanging on it. I immediately ran up to it when I saw it, but I saw it after I had already bought a bunch of other things from the shop, so when I saw the pig, I begged my husband to let me buy it. But, le sigh, he had thought I had already spent enough money so I left leaving the perfect ordainment never to be seen again, or so I thought! Last Christmas, I was opening the gifts from my mother and I got to one gift and SURPRISE, it was the pig ordainment! She overheard our conversation and bought the pig for me when we left the shop... she also bought a racoon ordainment for my husband. He loves racoons... but not in a healthy way. We have racoons that live by our house and when he goes to throw out the garbage, he tries to pet them and then comes back in the house trying to convince me of all the reasons that a racoon can be made a safe pet.

Anyway, as I also mentioned, we went to the Ugly Christmas Sweater party which was on Friday. I came up with the idea to make a sweater that would turn me into a Christmas tree... but I had totally forgotten about the party in my "I've been stuck on this damn couch for over a month and nothing is finished and it's going to be Christmas in about a week and ALL I WANT TO DO IS SLEEP" mood --we'll just call it "the mood" herein-- when my aunt texted me at the beginning of last week asking if you had to wear an ugly sweater in order to go the party... and then I said to myself "Damnit! The party! I totally forgot and I haven't even picked up any of the supplies and it's in four days!" I told my husband and he went out and picked up the supplies for me and I slowly started making the sweater. I, of course, left everything to the last minute in "the mood" I was in and wound up staying up until 9:30 in the morning of the day of the party finishing it. I slept until the party, woke up not really wanting to go, but not not wanting to go because of all the hard work I put into making my sweater, pushed myself to get ready, and then had a blast. There's a contest each year and I was honored for being picked as a finalist that got to make it on stage for the audience to decide who the winner was... but just like the Oscars, it's all politics. I knew I had the best sweater in the room. I turned myself into a Christmas tree for goodness sake, but I didn't win. It's all one big popularity contest. There's this huge group of people that know each other from going to the Plattdeutsche all the time. One of the girls in that group won. I was with 7 people and they all cheered for me, along with a bunch of other people who had come up to me telling me how much they liked my sweater, but I guess that isn't enough when half the room knows you from being a frequent patron. Honestly, I was a little upset, but my husband said to me "Ang, look at how many people are here, hundreds, and you were picked by the judges as 1 of 10 of the finalist. It's just like the Oscars, it's an honor just to be nominated. Did you deserve to win? Yes. But look at Leonardo DiCaprio... he deserves to win every year, but he doesn't." That made me laugh and feel a lot better, and I turned to my husband and asked "so I'm the Leo DiCaprio of Ugly Sweaters?" and he said "yes, exactly." It was cute. 

But look at this, tell me you wouldn't have voted for me...

Yea, that's right, I knew you would :)

Things have been slowing down a bit. The Christmas decorations are up, I'm almost done with Christmas shopping, and I know once everything's said and done and we head over to my brother and sister-in-law's house for our seven fish feast, I'll be happy. I even had a little me time this week to paint my nails for the holidays.

A beautiful sparkling pink from O.P.I.'s Mariah Carey's Liquid Sand Collection Nail Polish
This color is called The Impossible

I'm not a huge Mariah Carey fan, but when I saw this and read that it was a textured nail polish, I was intrigued. So I bought the box set and was very happy. It goes on so well and dries to an awesome matte textured finish that isn't like any other nail polish I've ever owned. Stay the Night is my favorite. It's black nail polish with red glitter that give the polish this awesome effect. Definitely perfect for the holidays... but then again, I think it's always the right time for a little (or a lot) of sparkle.

So I hope you've all been enjoying the holiday season, and if you've been feeling like me... just remember, it will all be over soon. 

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