Friday, March 7, 2014

Long Time, No See

I have to apologize for my long absence. So much as been going on and it's amazing how much time flies by when you're busy. Birthdays, family get-togethers, and just life in general sweeps you away and can sometimes sweep you away from certain obligations... but this blog is important to me and I do not want so much time to go by again in between by blog posts. Last time I posted, I said that I was going to show you guys the clothes I picked up with the giftscards I received for Christmas... and I'm going to do just that now.

My mother-in-law gave me a giftcard for H&M and here's what I bought:

Cute T-Shirt Dress.

Floor-Length Black Dress with a Side Slit. My husband's Local has a Black Tie Dinner Dance every year, so every year I need a dress for the event and I thought this dress was perfect.

Beautiful White Shirt with Great Embellishments.

Flowy Black Button-Down Shirt.

Cozy Striped Sweater.

Cute Floral Skirt.

Awesome Sequin Embellished Shorts.

Black "Jeggings"... I put jeggings in quotes because that's what H&M labeled them, but they aren't made of  jean material. I love these. They are so comfortable.

Awesome Colored Belts.

My father and his wife gave me a giftcard to Forever21 and here's what I bought:

Cute Pink Camis.

Awesome Neon Yellow V-Neck Tshirt.

Beautiful Cobalt Blue Shirt with an Awesome Back Zipper Detail.

Plaid Pants. I had been wanting a pair of these for a while. I had seen a very similar pair in Vogue and I was so happy when I saw these at Forever21 for only $8.

Beautiful Yellow and White Stone, and Rhinestone Necklace.

And recently my husband has been working A LOT of overtime and he felt bad for spending so much time at work, away from me, so he wanted to make it up to me (even though I completely understand) and he told me to go on a little shopping spree. And even though, like I said, I completely understand that it's just the nature of his job, I wasn't going to turn down a shopping spree so here's what I ordered from Victoria's Secret...

V-Neck Poncho Shirt. Buy here.

High-Waist Retro Style Shorts. Buy here.

Push-Up Bandeau Swimsuit Top. Buy here.

Itsy Bikini Bottom. Buy here.

I hope everyone has been getting through the winter ok. I for one can not wait for winter to be over. My recent purchases certainly helped me get in the mindset to get ready for spring and summer. What helps you get through your winter blues?

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