Friday, December 13, 2013

Window Drama and Recent Hauls

Oh my goodness SO much has been going on lately. My husband and I are getting all the windows in our house replaced and the company hired to do the job was scheduled to come on Monday. Sunday we got the house ready. We removed everything EVERYTHING away from and off the walls, covered everything with dropcloths in the center of every room to protect them. Then early Monday morning, because they were supposed to come at 8am, I put my three cats in their carriers along with all their food and food bowls and their litter box and brought them over to my mothers house (it would've been a nightmare if the cats where there while the work was being done) while my husband took off from work so he could stay at the house to overview the workers and the work being done. Well it turned out that without any notice, the company decided to cancel on us. We couldn't get an answer, a reason, or a resolution to the problem out of anyone. Then I finally got through to the receptionist of the company and she was so rude. We finally got it rescheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, so my husband didn't have to waste another day off of work, but it has been so annoying living in the house with everything all over the place and of course with the cats (especially our new kitten) thinking the dropcloths are giant forts for them to play with. I can't wait for tomorrow and for all this to be over with so things can get back to normal and I can organize and clean the house.

In the meantime though, Sunday, after my husband and I got the house ready for the window installers, my mother and I went to a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show event. They showcased the new styles that they were going to have at the Fashion Show. They had a great DJ, and raffles, and food and drinks. It was a lot of fun and a really great, needed break from the shenanigans that were going on at my house. They also had a really great sale: $25 off a $100 purchase, $50 off a $200 purchase, and $75 off a $300 purchase, along with getting a free makeup bag and kit with a $75 purchase. They also had fitters there guaranteeing a perfect bra fit which I so needed. I was wearing a size 32C, but my boobs always felt so tight in my bras and they were always popping out of them. So I thought maybe I needed a bigger band size. So at first, that's what the fitter thought too and she gave me a 34C to try on, but the band was too big. Turns out it wasn't the band size that was too small, it was the cup size so I'm actually a 32D. I'm so happy I got fitted and am now wearing the proper size bra. My bras are so comfortable now. Getting a bra fitting is so important. So many woman are walking around wearing the wrong size bra. Go and get a bra fitting. It will make you feel so much better in your clothes and so much more comfortable in general. So I bought two new bras while at the event and got my free makeup bag and kit.

Here's what I bought, and the free makeup bag and kit

I love these bras, especially the pink one. Hot pink and rhinestones? Yes please! When I got fitted, they had every style bra in the fitting room area. Once my fitter figured out my correct size, she asked me what kind of bra I was looking for. I wanted something that didn't have any padding or pushup, but still had enough lining so my nipples wouldn't show through the bra. So she brought me in about five lightly-lined styled bras and I finally picked this one. It's called Fabulous by Victoria's Secret. It's a Demi-Bra which is the style I usually wear, and the description says it's "For perfect support with a low cut".

The Makeup Bag and Kit was worth $85 so definitely a great score!

Speaking of Victoria's Secret, before the event, a couple of weeks ago, I bought something there and I got a Secret Rewards Card. My card turned out to only have $10 on it, but hey that's nothing to sneeze at. So I ordered cute PJ bottoms that were already on sale so with my extra $10 off they only cost me $15... but Victoria's Secret was also having a sale where if you bought any sleep-wear you got a free perfume set which was worth $65 so Cha-Ching! Another awesome score!

Here's what I bought, and the free perfume set

I actually own the Victoria's Secret PJ set with the pants in this same color/style so I thought getting the shorts in the same color would be good for warmer nights and I would still have a matching set.

But that's not the end of my awesome Victoria's Secret deals. Once my PJ bottoms were delivered, I got another Secrets Reward Card, again only worth $10, but I was able to buy a pair of really cute pink jeans for only $15 and then I found a coupon code from Retail Me Not to get a free pair of cotton panties.

Here are the jeans I bought

I ordered them in a size 10 because that was the closest size they had in the color I wanted, but I have a feeling a 10 might be a little too big on me based on the size chart measurements, but the description said they are very slim so we'll see.
If when the jeans that I ordered above are delivered and it turns out they don't fit, I'm going to exchange them for these. I actually didn't see these jeans until after I purchased the other ones because I was looking at the clearance petite jeans (I'm short, 5'1") and these weren't listed. When I went to show my husband a picture of the jeans I did buy, though, I just put the name of the jeans in the search engine and these popped up then. I don't know why they weren't listed under what I was looking for because they are the same price (on clearance) and they are petite. They also come in a size 8 which will probably be the size I need if the size 10 doesn't fit. We shall see. At least I know I have a back-up plan.

On Monday, after the window installers didn't show up, my husband and I decided to get some last minute Christmas shopping out of the way. I had to go to Michaels to pick up some gift bags and tags, and whatnot. Then I stopped off at target. While there I went to the dollar section, one of my favorite parts of the store, and I found the cutest little bags. I also picked up one of those EOS lip balms. I bought one in the mint flavor and I love it. I love that it's organic and the texture is perfect. It isn't sticking or waxy or all slimy. It's so nice and smooth, and I love how the mint flavor makes my lips feel all tingly.

Here's what I bought

So I hope everyone had a great week and enjoys their weekend. I know I'll certainly enjoy mine once my windows are done, and then my husband and I can put up our Christmas decorations!

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