Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That's a Wrap!

So this year's Christmas gifts are all wrapped. Of course I'm the one who always has to wrap everything because, no offense to my husband, he can't wrap gifts to save his life. But I have a bad back and whenever I'm sitting on the floor wrapping everyone's gifts for hours my back starts killing me and hurts me for days. So this year I decided to just use gift bags. Brilliant idea! It's inexpensive and easy, but still looks cute and put-together.

Here are the gifts

I'm not a conventional girl and I LOVE these patterns, and with the cute little gift tags, it still adds some element of a conventional Christmas design. To me, these gift bags couldn't be more perfect :)

Yesterday I also mailed out my gifts to my dad and his wife who live in California, and my grandmother who lives in Arizona. I'm certainly glad I went yesterday because if I waited any longer the gifts wouldn't have gotten there before Christmas. And I was actually out for a different reason and just decided that while I was out I should go to the post office too. So definitely a very convenient coincidence. I was out because I was heading to Victoria's Secret. The pink jeans that I ordered from there, like I figured, were a size too big. So I called their customer service line to exchange them for a smaller size and they told me that I could just order the new jeans over the phone and then return the old jeans to a VS store near me and have them ship them back for free. Perfect, but there was one little issue. I used a Secret Rewards card. While on the phone I asked the customer service representative about it and she told me that they would take care of all that at the store. Wrong. Once I got to the VS store, the cashier that was helping me didn't know what to do so she asked the girl next to her, but she didn't know either so they called over the manager who was very rude. She just started yelling at me that she couldn't give me a new card and that I shouldn't expect them to give me cash, and I had to stop her. I very calmly said "Wait. That's not what I want at all. I just want the $10 reward to be transferred to the new order because it's an exchange." I think the manager was just having a really bad day. It was very busy in the store and I could see that she was running around everywhere doing a bunch of stuff, but that's still not an excuse to be rude to any customer and blow them off which is exactly what she did. And I know what it's like working in retail. I did it since I was 16 up until I graduated college and got my paralegal job... and even then I still had to deal with clients everyday and there was certainly way more than my fair share of rude customers, but I always stayed calm. And I'm also never rude to people who work in retail because I know how it is. The manager really had no reason to treat me the way she did, but I just let it go. After I told her what I wanted she just threw her hands up and told the cashier that was helping me to call the customer service line and deal with it herself. Turns out that when I originally called, the representative should have transferred the $10 to the new order so what the representative that the cashier was talking to wound up doing was just refunding me the $10 to my credit card. I was certainly happy that everything worked out in the end, but it shouldn't have been so difficult and it just shows you that one shouldn't jump to conclusions like the manager did. It was like she was ready for a fight, thinking I was expecting something I shouldn't, but what I wanted was exactly what I deserved. I also felt really bad for the cashier that was helping me because she was stuck in the middle and I could tell she felt bad and she just kept apologizing and thanking me for my patience. Once everything was said and done, I thanked her for her patience and wished her a happy holidays. But then, like the true shopping addict I am, on my way out I saw that all VS sports bras were on sale for $25. I couldn't pass-up this sale. While I was at the VS Fashion Show event I saw a sports bra that I liked. I needed one because I want to start taking a Zumba class and the bra I saw was perfect, but it was $50. So when I saw that now it was only $25 I just HAD to buy it. It really is perfect. I'm big-breasted so I needed something with good support and this bra has the perfect amount of support, and I love that it's sized by your bra size not by small, medium, large, etc.

Here's the sports bra

Excuse my no makeup face and my messed-up hair from running around in the snow all afternoon.

So I hope everyone continues to enjoy their holiday season, but remember it's a time to be happy not stressed. If you find yourself getting stressed out, just take a break and realize it's not worth it. Whether it's choosing to use gift bags instead of wrapping all your gifts with wrapping paper like I did, or remembering that were all human and we need to treat everyone with respect, just remember to be happy and actually truly enjoy this time of the year.

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