Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Haul

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It started with a french toast breakfast while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with my husband. Then my husband had to go to work and I went over my mother's house to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of my family.

Here's what I wore

Cardigan from Alloy//Tunic from H&M//Boots from JustFab//Bubble Necklace from Simple Addiction//Bracelet from Forever21


For my makeup, instead of using my FitMe! foundation, I decided to go with lighter coverage with my Stila Sheer Color in Medium. I tried the FitMe! blush I purchased on Monday, and I love it. On my eyes I just used my black eyeliner and mascara, and on my lips I used my Color Sensationals #645 Red Revival.

Now I am definitely not one to go in for the whole Black Friday thing. I think it's totally ridiculous and now also extremely dangerous. I mean what is wrong with people? Over 40 people died, and for what? Christmas gifts? Yes, that's really showing the holiday spirit. Not. But my husband needed to buy some new jeans and since Old Navy was having an "Everything in the store is 50% off" Sale, he wanted to take advantage of that. So on Friday we decided to do some Black Friday shopping. We wanted to go in the afternoon, after 3:00pm, to avoid anything too crazy. And I'm happy to say that no one was acting crazy and it wasn't chaotic. I can actually say that it was a good experience where people actually behaved themselves, things were orderly, and it was actually fun being able to shop in a calm manner knowing you were getting a really great deal. So kudos to Old Navy and the residents in New Hyde Park!

Here's what I picked up

These sneakers are so comfortable and light. Excellent for walking, and I LOVE the color. $12.47

These are awesome! They're tights with the comfort and warmth of leggings. $5.25

These are cute "text gloves" but I didn't get them for texting because I actually own touch-screen gloves with the touch-screen tips on the thumb and the pointer finger. I bought them because I'm a smoker (yes, I know smoking is bad for me) and I hate when it's cold and I need my gloves, but the fuzzies from the glove get stuck on the cigarette and then in my mouth. So these gloves will allow me to smoke while still keeping my hands warm... plus they are super cute. $1.50

Cute PJ bottoms. Who doesn't need more of these? $4.50

Cute camis that double as PJ tops. $2.25

Cute thermal top. $6.25

Awesome sequin sweatshirt. $17.47

A classic chambray that I've been wanting for a while. $12.47

A pretty dress that actually wasn't included in the Black Friday sale because it was already on clearance, but it was still only $12.99

So I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and has been enjoying their weekend. Did you get any great (and safe) Black Friday deals?

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