Monday, November 4, 2013

Less is More?

I'm usually a more is more girl. More sparkle, more jewelry, bigger diamonds! But, when it comes to bathing suits, I'm finding myself saying less is better. I have yet to find a good bikini bottom that fits me correctly. String bottoms? They always come tied way too tight and just try and readjust the strings... impossible! And every other bottom I've tried just doesn't cover me right. Something is always just off. So now that I have the perfect bikini top which I found last winter at Victoria's Secret Semi-annual Sale, I thought it was time to find the perfect bikini bottom. I've decided to go with as little as possible, a thong.  

 Sporti Neon Thong Bottom available at

Yes, that's right. A thong. I'm not a shy woman and I hate tan lines, so why the hell not? Your bathing suits should fit like your underwear and I'm the most comfortable in thong panties so I have a feeling a thong bikini bottom is finally going to be the right fit for me. 

And here's a picture of the bikini top.

What's your favorite type of bathing suit? Would you ever wear a thong?

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