Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flower Power

On particularly gloomy days like it is today in New York, or just when I'm feeling blue, I like to find ways to brighten up my home and my mood. One of the easiest and, for me, the loveliest ways to do that is to buy fresh flowers. I find flowers to be so cheerful and happy. It's the reason why people deliver flowers to their friends and family when they're sick or on their birthdays. So why not send yourself some flowers? You deserve it! My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and orchids.  Those were the two types of flowers I had at my wedding. They are both just so lovely. Hydrangeas are so big and full, and orchids are so exotic and flowing. And they both come in so many different, beautiful and vibrant colors. How can one not be happy by receiving hydrangeas or orchids, or any other type of flower?

Here are some pink hydrangeas I recently picked up.

Aren't they just lovely? And I love that with hydrangeas it doesn't take much. Just a few stems and you have a beautiful arrangement.

So what are your favorite flowers?

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