Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heaven Scent


My favorite go-to perfume has always been Hanae Mori.

My mother used to wear it when I was a little girl and I have always loved it. When I was finally old enough to wear perfume, this was the first one my mother bought me and I've been buying it and wearing it ever since. I love perfumes that have a warm vanilla scent that isn't too heavy or over-powering, and this perfume is perfect.

Another perfume I just recently fell in love with is Victoria's Secret's Tease.

I recently went to a Victoria's Secret event party and I actually won one of the raffles which included a different bottle of perfume and a beautiful silk nightie. I didn't like the perfume they gave me which I can not remember the name of that had a citrus scent. As I said, I love perfumes with vanilla scents so I wanted to exchange the perfume. As I was searching through the different perfumes, I was initially drawn to Tease by the style of the bottle. How cute is the vintage look?! Then I read the description: " Flirt, Play, Tease! Show it off in this thrilling twist of juicy fruits and seductive florals. Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear, Blooming Gardenia." PERFECT! It smells heavenly, and has just the right amount of vanilla notes without making me smell like a candy store. So I exchanged the perfumes, and I love wearing this perfume for special occasions.

What are your favorite perfumes?

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